TRX Suspension Trainer Review

Review Date: 23 June 2010

I decided to write this very extensive TRX Suspension Trainer review, because I own one. And because I hope to help you make your decision easier. Meaning that if you have enough objective information – you should be able to decide what's right for you :o) So here is all the questions you may have about it – answered.

BTW, if you have a question I haven't answered (perfectly possible and highly likely) then please post it below in the comments area and I'll do my best to respond.

What is it and what does it do?

This is my all time favorite exercise equipment.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a piece of exercise equipment that consists of a bunch of ropes and straps. It allows you to perform over 300 exercises. Some full body, some more muscle group specific ones.

It is designed to help you use your body weight as your own private gym. As a result you have an almost endless variety of strength training, interval training and cardio routines at your fingertips (or whatever other body part you decide to use).

The idea behind Suspension Training is to allow every exercise to become a full body exercise. Because your body is effectively suspended at some stage or another, you're having to engage your core muscles in order to perform the exercise effectively. BTW, TRX stands for Total Resistance exercise…

What's in It for YOU?

TRX Suspension Trainer Review
Very briefly – the TRX trainer will be great for you if:

  • You travel frequently and need to workout without having to look for a gym.
  • You get bored easily. The TRX trainer will keep your workouts varied as it has over 300 exercises to choose from.
  • You workout at home or at the gym.
  • You need a kick-butt exercise equipment that's all-in-one AND delivers results.
  • You don't have much space at home for bulky equipment.
  • Don't want to go to a gym – you'd prefer to workout at home.

OK, so you've heard what it is. Let's get on to the PRO's and CON's…

Things to Consider

TRX Trainer PRO's

  • It's compact – 2lbs – so you can take it on trips and use it as if you were home.
  • It's well made, with every detail in mind. I am usually very critical and even I can't think of what they could have done better :o)
  • It's great if you like to use your body weight for your workouts.
  • The TRX Trainer will provide you with endless variety for your workouts. So if you get bored easily – this one will be your best buddy.
  • If you're an athlete in need of sports specific training – you will get not only the product – but you'll be able to get additional workouts specifically tailored to your sport and by professionals. So again you'll not be left fending for yourself.
  • When you buy into a TRX – you become a part of the TRX community. That in itself is a bonus because you know that at any stage you can get help or advice. Or you can just get together with like minded people who also love their TRX Suspension Trainer.
  • There are a poop load of "how to" videos on YouTube. So you'll almost never be stuck for an explanation :o)

TRX Trainer CON's

I personally don't have anything bad to say about it, but since this is an objective TRX Suspension Trainer Review I will put down what I perceive to be the possible CON's about the TRX.

  • Although the TRX comes with a Basic Starter workout, you most likely will have to pay if you want any more workouts. That being said – you could definitely design your own workouts. Or you could pickup one of the variety of packs Fitness Anywhere has pre-made for you. So there are options. But be aware that if you can't design your own – you'll need to pay to get more.
  • If you are not of the self-motivated types. You know the ones that don't mind working out at home. And hardly ever have a problem getting started. You may find this equipment laying on a shelf somewhere in a month's time. It is a body weight training – a little more ghetto than an aerobics class in the gym. That said – there are gyms in America that already use the TRX Suspension Trainer for specific classes because it is so effective. But if you join the class you won't need to buy your own TRX – so it's just a point to consider.
  • If you don't like strength training – this may bore you a little. All I'm saying is that if you're an aerobics class, I-love-dancing type of lady – the TRX is more for toning and shaping. If you are that type of gal – nothing wrong with that. But I would strongly advise you to try out someone else's TRX if you can just to see how great it can be for your body.

TRX Suspension Trainer Features

I first came across the TRX through a fitness video I found on YouTube and I just had to have it… I remember it was one of the fastest purchasing decisions I've ever made. That's something, considering that I don't buy exercise equipment – almost by default, as my experience is that most is rubbish…

When I got it in my hands however… it was even better than I anticipated. The quality of craftsmanship was amazing. You can see the guys at Fitness Anywhere have really thought about the details.

It packs away into its pouch very fast. No fiddling.

The pouch is just big enough – so if you're taking it on biz trips – it only takes up the space it needs – approximately 20 cm x 20 cm.

The TRX Trainer is a very simple piece of exercise equipment. It comprises of two extremely heavy-duty nylon strips to which handles and straps are attached. These measure between 6 and 7 feet long. The strips are adjustable. The handles are made of soft foam that is comfy, but still sturdy – so the material doesn't flake.

It's sturdy – as I mentioned. And you can use it pretty much anywhere. All you need is a door, or an anchor point to suspend it from and you're in business.

The other amazing feature of the TRX Suspension Trainer is that it only weighs 2 pounds!!! So you can take it with you anywhere you want to (incidentally the company that makes the TRX trainer is called Fitness Anywhere).

So if you travel often, and you hate being without your gym, or if you have limited space to workout in – this is perfect.

The TRX Suspension Trainer Packs

There are a few 'packs' to choose from, when it comes to purchasing the TRX. With each pack you get a starter workout, the handy carry bag, and a little door notice"Workout in Progress" – LOL. I'm laughing, but it is a very good idea – since you will most likely use a door frame to secure the TRX Suspension Trainer.

At the end of the day it's up to you how you plan to use it. There are many variations. Just make sure that you read through the packs below carefully. You don't want to order something, and then have to wait to get the wall mount for example.

TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

This one is the starting point – it has all the basics, but it is missing a door anchor or a wall mount. So you will have to get these separately.

This pack is perfect if you already have an overhead mounting point and you just want the TRX trainer. It comes with a clip on top that you'll use to secure your TRX.

I won't regurgitate all the features the TRX guys have on the site, so for the price and the specific list of the things that come in this pack click on the link below.

–> TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack – full details.

TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor

I went for this pack because it comes with all the basics AND the door anchor. I live in an apartment and use my TRX trainer in it most of the time – so a door anchor is essential and convenient.

If you're likely to only use the suspension trainer indoors – you're better off with this pack.

And now you can get a FREE Door Anchor with the purchase of any TRX. Use Coupon code af54x19

TRX Essentials Bundle

This TRX Trainer pack is a little more expensive, but it truly gives you a complete experience. You get the same stuff as with the Pro Pack and Door Anchor. But you also get
a Strength, Flexibility, and Cardio Circuit DVDs and Guides, and you get 2 bonus workouts – TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast.

You should consider getting this pack if you're a beginner and need a bit of guidance with your workouts. Or if you are too busy and don't have the time to design your own workouts. This is a perfect start up.

The workouts are put together by professional trainers – and are (from what I have seen) of top quality.

If you get this pack you'll have enough workouts to get started, keep going, and then you can either get more DVDs or if you feel confident enough by then – try designing your own workouts.

BTW – this pack comes with the Door Anchor but NOT the Wall Mount, so you'd have to get that separately if you need it.

–> TRX Essentials Bundle – full details.


This TRX variation is specifically designed for someone who is in the military or someone who'd like to train like the guys and gals in the military do.

It makes perfect sense that sense the guys that created TRX are army blokes – that they honor their background and create the TRX FORCE Kit.

It is essentially the same pack as the TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor, but it is in a much more subdued color that will be suitable for camouflage.

–> TRX FORCE Kit – full details.

TRX Trainer Workout DVDs and Digital Downloads

The guys at Fitness Anywhere are quite well organized – so you get a whole bunch of workout DVDs to chose from.

These come at varied prices, but can be a good supplement for your TRX.

I haven't actually purchased any of the DVDs, but I've see the previews of most, and they look as professional as I've come to expect from TRX. Easy to follow and very importantly – goal-specific. So you know that if you're wanting to improve your strength for example you are focusing on that – not on cardio or something else.

I know it sounds logical – but you'd be surprised how many other DVDs I've seen where they just do exercises for the sake of moving. I don't know about you, but I prefer to know that I'm working smart not just hard :o)

So here are all the TRX workout DVDs available to you:

— NEW! TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning
— Titleist TRX Golf Workout DVD
— TRX All Body Xpress
— TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back
— TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps Round 2
— TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps
— TRX Core Strength Vol. 1
— TRX Education: Trainer Basics DVD
— TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit
— TRX Essentials: Flexibility
— TRX Essentials: Strength
— TRX FORCE Training DVD and Guide
— TRX Performance: Team Sports
— TRX Performance: Tennis
— TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros

If however you're on a budget, and you prefer to download your own stuff – then TRX have a solution in their Digital Downloads section. The titles include:

— Surf Stronger TRX WorkoutSurf Stronger TRX Workout
— TRX Multisport Strength WorkoutTRX Multisport Strength Workout
— TRX Performance: Drew Brees WorkoutTRX Performance: Drew Brees Workout
— TRX Performance: MMA Workout
— TRX Summit Workout Guide (PDF)TRX Summit Workout Guide (PDF)
— TRX Winter Sport ConditioningTRX Winter Sport Conditioning

TRX Suspension Trainer Workouts

No review would be complete without giving you a few workouts to try out with your new TRX right?

So here are a few VERY EFFECTIVE full body workouts for you –> TRX Trainer Workouts

The TRX Trainer Support and Community

The support you'll get with your new 'toy' is tremendous – just like the quality of the product.

You get the Fitness Anywhere Community online. You can ask questions there. Or discuss your workout results. You can make friends – just like in any other community :o)

You also get an extensive workouts choice. There are TRX training DVDs and automatic downloads – if you'd like sports-specific workouts professionally designed for you. Or if you simply don't know or can't be asked to create your own workouts.

Most importantly tho – you get to belong to this group of amazing people – who happen to workout like you :o)

TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises Library

One of the pages I find most useful – because I like to design my own workouts – is the TRX Exercises video library.

It is full of instructions on how to perform the exercises, and how to progress them from beginner to advanced.

That is very useful, because let's be honest – the TRX isn't exactly a 'garden variety' exercise equipment :o) So most of the times you'd need to start out slowly and work your way up the ranks 'soldier'! It helps that you also get set-up video help, and overviews.

TRX on YouTube

Naturally – the TRX trainer is so popular a lot of people (also the TRX guys themselves) have made helpful videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

This is an excellent way to get some workout ideas without having to pay for them. Again it's for those of us who don't mind spending the time and effort.

So if you search for "TRX trainer" or just "TRX" on YouTube you'll find a plethora of videos on how to perform the different exercises and workout ideas – it's awesome.

TRX Suspension Trainer Reviews

But you don't have to just take my word for it. I'm just a single person. If you want to see what other TRX owners think of this exercise equipment (and I recommend that you do), you can read their reviews at the bottom of each product's page.

Oh! And I just realized that I've not mentioned weight loss anywhere in the whole review… But obviously the TRX is a great way to lose weight – it's an exercise equipment!

What I have found in terms of results from using my TRX is that I have seen definition in places I thought I ever would. My abs are looking a lot more defined now. My butt and hamstrings are also looking a lot tighter.

But for me the TRX is just an amazing bundle of all-in-one variety, functionality and quality. For the price – it's totally worth my investment.

Whether it's right for you?

I can't tell… The decision is yours.

The link to the official TRX Suspension Trainer site is here.