Channel Four Food – New Magazine Show

A lot of people blame TV for a multitude of problems in society, but I am actually PRO TV. Or PRO the right-kind-of-TV to be more specific.

Take for example the multitude of educational programs on Channel 4. From Cook Yourself Thin to Jamie's American Food Revolution. My personal favorite is Come Dine With Me – because it gives you a thorough glimpse into the behavior of people. Seriously – you can see all ranges of emotional behavior and manipulative games – it's fascinating.

The thing I enjoy the most about those programs though is that most of the time they actually tell a true and slightly unbiased story.

That gives me hope that our population (at least in the UK) is getting exposed regularly to information that can actually help them lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Just now they're advertising a new program that will be aired Wednesday 15th September on Channel 4. It's name – simple – Food. According to the Channel 4 write up:

Food is a brand new magazine show that tells viewers everything they need to know about the food they buy in their local supermarket and where it comes from.

I for one can't wait to hear what they say. This type of stuff is worth showing to your kids. Heck – it's worth watching it WITH them. It literally can save your life – because your nutrition is just sooo important.

So to celebrate the new magazine show Food – I'll be watching and reporting back to you the most interesting bits each week. I'll help put the info in context if need be. And if they share interesting recipes – I'll try and cook them (try being the operative word here :o).

If you're in the UK (or Spain for that matter) – I would urge you to also tune in and watch along with me. Then come back here for the updates.

Cool – that's all I wanted to say for the moment. More tomorrow…

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