A busy mama's best friend…

The Slow-Cooker is an important tool in every busy family's kitchen. If you aren't using one, then do yourself a favor: its time to start! This chick's article is a perfect explanation of the benefits and I highly recommend you take a quick read: Slow-Cooker Love. My sentiments exactly! I remember the day that I [...]

An active family starts with YOU!

Kids can be active naturally through their play, but with the temptation of technology, PE classes being removed from schools, and extra homework demands, studies are finding kids are spending much less time being active than ever before. Light their fire for activity!  Add the magical ingredient of mom and dad being active with them. Every parent knows [...]

"What do you do?" It took me years to happily answer this question.

When people used to ask me what I do (with the implied "for a living"), I used to reply, "I stay home with my kids and homeschool them." Because, yes, that is technically what I do, but I never really felt good about that answer. I used to make up titles like "President of Domestic Affairs" to [...]

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