Hey there, and WELCOME to Fit Happy Healthy :o)


We're still getting our sh1t together (technically) so for the moment there's not much to see or do here.

In the next couple of weeks however, we plan to start something life-changing for YOU… potentially.

We say "potentially" because it will (as it always has) depend on what you do in the next few seconds….

Fit Happy Healthy is about to become a unique tribe of people who want to take and keep control of their health, and the way they and their families experience life.

We call it – Experiential Living.

And it's just that: constructing the life YOU want, and the life you can be HAPPY with, one small experience at time.

Because let's face it, that kind of life you can keep… well for life, right?

We're talking cutting yourself off the influence of popular diet fads and advice (you know, the stuff that's failed us so miserably, consistently, over decades).

We're talking learning the SKILL of taking any health advice and applying it to your own lifestyle and preferences. Then deciding if it fits. If it needs to fit. And how to make it fit if need be.

We're talking taking small easily digestible bites (quite literally sometimes) out of the mammoth that is Health and Wellbeing. The kind of efforts that produce massive results, but for minuscule time and energy investments on your part.

We – Jen and I (Anita) - have a passionate goal: to empower people like you to change their health for good, by learning to own their life experience.

If you choose to join us, you'll:

  • get direct and personal coaching from us in the tribe.
  • get Fast-Start Training Courses on a plethora of important health-related topics. These will help you decide FAST if a particular "health thing" is for you or not – without wasting months of your life. Then you can choose to dive deeper into the topic or not.
  • get the unique opportunity to learn from the collective experiences. Speeding up iteration time. Giving you ideas that might normally take you years to discover on your own. Showing you many perspectives and experiences on a topic – that you wouldn't usually know of – if you just read a book. Or heard some stuff on the news.
  • get to grow in a safe environment that only has your interests at heart.
  • get to be a part of a tribe that is fun, progressive, and aims to live a better quality of life than most (whatever that "better quality" means for you).
  • get to be challenged monthly and held accountable for delivering results for yourself (the stuff that's so hard to do when it's just you trying to scrape together a salad).
  • get to feel AMAZING not just physically, but mentally. Proud of how good you are at looking after yourself and your family's health.


Remember how we said in the beginning – these are all potential benefits… No guarantees. And it's all dependent on what you do next…

So – are you game?

"The blue pill or the red pill, Neo?"


If you are, then enter your name and email below. We will be in touch to let you know when the Tribe is ready.

* We love your privacy and will never misuse your trust.