How far have you strayed…

… from where you want to be… and who you are? A recent event helped me come to a shocking (for me) realization: I had gone so far out of WHO I am, that I could no longer recognize myself. There I was -- amidst some amazing people. Successful, enlightened, and beautiful. And yet, I [...]

Full Body HIT Workout – 18 min of sweat…

Lately I've given huge priority to work and although I haven't stopped exercising I haven't been focused in my training. I've been doing bits and bobs from older workouts I designed for myself, but choosing them 5 minutes before the actual workout. This, in my experience, is a recipe for giving-up-itus. I wasn't starving for [...]

Fake Mash — My Version

Strictly speaking this is a family favorite that originated from one of my favorite people in the active wellbeing space -- Mark "Grok" Sisson. My hubby and I adapted his recipe to suit our taste, but also to incorporate a few useful herbs. The bottom line is: it tastes even better than regular mash! My [...]

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