How far have you strayed…

… from where you want to be… and who you are?

A recent event helped me come to a shocking (for me) realization: I had gone so far out of WHO I am, that I could no longer recognize myself.

There I was — amidst some amazing people. Successful, enlightened, and beautiful. And yet, I couldn't place myself…

The advice to "not let other people's shit define my life experience" rang like church bells in my brain, and I realized — I'd done exactly THAT.

I thought I was clear on who I am. And what I want out of life. But — it turns out I had changed what I stood for, just so I don't make those around me uncomfortable.

The really freaky thing is — I'm more aware of myself than the average person — and even I wasn't privy to what was going on.

So have you taken a pulse-check lately?

Do you know what you stand for?

Are you actually doing something – one thing – each day to make you stay on course?

You know this really doesn't have to be as deep a thought as it appears to be.

It's just a reminder to look within — and LET THAT SHINE out. As opposed to looking outside and letting that change who and what you are on the inside.

In the words of one of the latest Dior perfume ads:

"I'm no longer going to be the woman I'm expected to be!"

(or something along those lines ;o)

P.S. Hey maybe this will be the beginning of me blogging again…

Full Body HIT Workout – 18 min of sweat…

Lately I've given huge priority to work and although I haven't stopped exercising I haven't been focused in my training. I've been doing bits and bobs from older workouts I designed for myself, but choosing them 5 minutes before the actual workout.

This, in my experience, is a recipe for giving-up-itus. I wasn't starving for anything. No goals to work towards. Thing is — no goals — no intensity… all my workouts thrive on intensity.

So on Monday I decided to revamp my workouts schedule. I've tried to incorporate maximum variety — 4 types of activities:

  1. Strength training – for muscle condition.
  2. Moderate cardioAshtanga Yoga for me (if I get any slower than that I'd be asleep) — ashtanga yoga kicks ass big time. But it's good for meditation, and for flexibility, and for circulation. Wham! 3-in-one.
  3. HIT – Interval style workouts – love those for full body conditioning and training an amazingly large amount of muscle groups in under 20 minutes.
  4. HIIT - things like sprints and stair jumps, jump rope… Excellent for cardio training and muscles.

So — here's the workout I did yesterday. It was HARD!

So needless to say — if you're not physically fit proceed with caution. Moderate yourself during the workout according to your own fitness level.

You'll be doing 50s (work)/10s (rest) intervals | 3 rounds | 6 exercises of these 6 exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. Prisoner Deep Sqats
  3. TRX Knee Tucks
  4. TRX Hamstring Curls
  5. Side Planks (both sides)
  6. Frog Burpees with Pushup (this is just a wide grip position version)

Oh, and here are my results – maybe as a bit of an incentive to try and beat them.



Fake Mash — My Version post image

Fake Mash — My Version

Strictly speaking this is a family favorite that originated from one of my favorite people in the active wellbeing space — Mark "Grok" Sisson. My hubby and I adapted his recipe to suit our taste, but also to incorporate a few useful herbs.

The bottom line is: it tastes even better than regular mash!

My challenge to you is — if you're not the type that readily enjoys veggies — to try it out once completely getting over what's actually in it.

Taste it and judge it on it's taste merits, then decide if you'll add it to your meals.

SERVES: 2 – 3 people (depending on how hungry they are)


  • 1 medium zucchini / courgette
  • 1 medium sweet potato / butternut squash
  • about the same amount of broccoli / cauliflower
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 1 – 2 garlic cloves
  • salt, pepper, olive oil, paprika, chili flakes, thyme, oregano.

* I'm leaving out the calories here — you're clever enough to go to and work these out yourself :o)

Chop up the veggies (except onion and garlic), and put them in the steamer for about 15 minutes. If you chop them into smaller pieces you can cook them quicker.

The idea is to steam them until very soft.

In the meantime, chop the onion and garlic and saute them over low heat with a little olive oil until soft.

When your veg are done, put them in a bowl with the onion mix and add the herbs and some more olive oil.

Blend until smooth.



* Yeah — I know it looks a bit like something the cat left behind on the floor… but it tastes REALLY good.


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