How far have you strayed…

by Anita on November 21, 2012

… from where you want to be… and who you are? A recent event helped me come to a shocking (for me) realization: I had gone so far out of WHO I am, that I could no longer recognize myself. There I was — amidst some amazing people. Successful, enlightened, and beautiful. And yet, I […]


Full Body HIT Workout – 18 min of sweat…

by Anita on February 15, 2012

Lately I've given huge priority to work and although I haven't stopped exercising I haven't been focused in my training. I've been doing bits and bobs from older workouts I designed for myself, but choosing them 5 minutes before the actual workout. This, in my experience, is a recipe for giving-up-itus. I wasn't starving for […]


Fake Mash — My Version

by Anita on September 14, 2011

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Strictly speaking this is a family favorite that originated from one of my favorite people in the active wellbeing space — Mark "Grok" Sisson. My hubby and I adapted his recipe to suit our taste, but also to incorporate a few useful herbs. The bottom line is: it tastes even better than regular mash! My […]


How's your gut? And a few facts about ulcers…

by Anita on September 12, 2011

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I'm just reading up on stomach ulcer treatments, and I'm finding a few interesting facts. So I thought I'd share with you — just in case you have a friend or relative that's suffering with the condition. Most common cause of stomach ulcers — regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Like Aspirin. Alcohol & smoking […]

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It's Not The Decision You Make That's Important

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Each time someone asks me to give them one tip on how to make a new habit stick — I have the same answer. Regardless of what new thing you're trying to introduce in your life (weight loss, healthy eating habit/s, a new workout routine); the only critical success factor is making that one THING […]

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How Last Night's Salad Turned Into a Sexy Lunch…

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This is an impromptu post. I just made lunch for my hubby and me and we both thought this salad omelet tasted awesome. So I'm sharing this recipe with you. It's not an exact calorie recipe as I just threw it together, but it is good healthy and wholesome. I'll list the ingredients I used […]

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Go On a Cruise Holiday — Lose Weight!

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I've mentioned before that I love doing little experiments whenever the opportunity arises. It's such a great way of discovering new things about myself and what I'm capable of (or not). It's a revelation each time – without fail. So this being my first ever Cruise… me not having a clue what to expect… and […]

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Fast Fitness Interval Workout

Try this super quick workout when you're pressed for time. It's 17.5 minutes long, but it'll kick your butt. Set your interval timer for 30 sets of two intervals. High interval of 30s, low interval 5s. There are two exercises: 1) Kettlebell Swing (make sure to select the right weight for your fitness level) 2) […]

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Reserve Your Judgements… for After…

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We all judge other people. We judge them from the millisecond we meet them to the last good bye. And then at every consequent get-together. Even if right now you're shaking your head in denial, trust me you're still a judge — you just don't know it. OK, so — firstly — there's nothing wrong […]

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Sitting Can be Lethal for You (and your fat loss)

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In the past couple of weeks I've noticed a lot of coverage on the issue of how lethal sitting for a long time can be for us. The first reports I came across made me a bit skeptical because I couldn't see the cause and effect relationship of the results. So even though I posted […]

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